Furas Furniture Accessories
About Furas
Furas is a newly established company which produces furniture accessories such as hinges and gas springs. Furas’s goal is to become the leading furniture accessory production company in Vietnam and international market.
1. Design a brand new website that can support the newly established company like Furas to compete with the strong competitors in the market.
2. Design the product page and blog page templates which help the client easily add products later.
3. Support the clients to write the content.
Our Approach
Furas will produce a lot of products in the future. So we chose the e-commerce style for the website. The navigation in the menu is simple and quickly leads the user to the product page.
The new website looks professional, organized and branded. It is also easy to use and manage. The products are clearly sorted into different categories. Client can add as many products as they want.