Align Family


We're a team of artist, engineers, makers, thinkers and travelers and entrepreneur. We believe good design and experience can change your business and people's lives. We love building meaningful brands and well thought out digital experiences that helps your business with your ROI.

Creative Director Luan


LUAN JENKINS is the founder, Creative Director & Eagle Scout but secretly wishes he was batman. He has a dog - Lion.


YEN DANG is the operation manager. She's a mom of 2 and also the mom to team 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. She keeps things moving and controls the 💵.


VANESSA PHAM, Project Manager and director of time and tasks and a serious lover of cats. She can also write some seriously good content.


MAI NGUYEN is our Senior designer. With many years of experience working in big companies, Mai is known as 'Fast and Furious' designer at Align team.



TIEN PHAM is an owner of a lovely flower shop and also Junior designer at Align. 3 words to describe Tien: fresh, creative and dynamic.

Sa Designer


SA LUU is the designer. An avid explorer of the dark anime and manga. She studied industrial design and like to make furnitures.


THAO VY is an intern designer and a banana lover. She loves collecting old film cameras and vintage camera gear to capture all the moments she likes every day.

Sam Yellow Photo


SAMUEL NGUYEN, Lead Developer. A doer of all things: music, cooking and life. Him and his wife is a the proud parents of 4 amazing cats.


DAT DAO  Development and generally a good guy. You want him to be by your side when the sh*t hits the fan.
Tuan Yellow


TUAN NGUYEN Developer. Basketball, chess, games, and coding. Probably one of the funnest guy we know. He makes the environment fun!
Hoàng Anh
Hoanganh Black Photo


HOANG ANH NGUYEN Master of the rubics cube and code. A guy that doesn't say much but does a lot. He's helps everyone with anything!


LION THE DOG, Not like Lion in the zoo, our Lion is a handsome and cute Phu Quoc dog. Lion always makes people feel happy during stressful times.


YOU Who's that Pokemon Designer. We're looking for you if you want are a designer or copywriter who want to join us.

What we do

World-class digital
Expect creativity
Obsess over details
Value relationships
Make things, break things
Umbrella Academy
Exceed expectations
Love cats and dogs

What we don't

Work late / weekends
Resist cake
Sacrifice quality for profit
Refuse coffee
Work for free
Impossible deadlines
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