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iCare Benefits

iCare Benefits 01 BRANDING, PRINT, LOGO, 3D, WEB iCare Benefits is a for-profit social enterprise, providing workers in developing countries a breakthrough employee benefits program at their workplace. The program enables manufacturers, social organizations, banks and service providers to serve workers at the bottom of economic pyramid. These workers are making only $100-$500 of income…

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iCare Benefits 01 BRANDING, PRINT, LOGO, 3D, WEB Duramacs is a large manufacturer of solid surface and other similar construction materials. They employ more than 300 people and have a sprawling factory in Southern Vietnam. Their primary customers are high income Europeans and Vietnamese. They asked align to create a website that helps them reach…

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Na Foods

Na Foods ‘Providing the world with natural healthy Vietnamese products’ Nafoods Group is among the most innovative fruit growers, processors and exporters in Vietnam, specializing in Fruit Juice/NFC, Puree, Concentrate, IQF (Instant Quick Freeze) and Fresh Fruits. Align is proud to partner with Nafoods as their in-house design team. As part of our on-going pursuit…

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