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don't let cancer be apart of the family

MSI (Marie Stopes International) is an NGO providing contraception, safe abortion services, high-quality medical packages about gynecological infections and cervical cancer as well as recommending some family planning measures that enable women all over the world to choose their own futures.

Align is tasked with the assignment to design healthcare services campaigns targeting 300,000 female factory workers in Vietnam. The goal of the campaign is to provide affordable healthcare screening for early health issues prevention.

The challenge is to empower these workers to step outside of their comfort zone to get healthcare testing services. The mindset of most Vietnamese women, especially low-income factory workers apart from paying the expensive fees for healthcare services is to avoid these services because they are afraid of finding out of any potential healthcare issues. Furthermore, finding out certain health issues will put them in a position of “culture shame” and reproach among their families and friends.

Align thoroughly studied surveys and strategized the best approach to see and think in the perspective of the targeted audience. Align understands that families are vital within the Vietnamese culture and that every minor and major decision effects the family. Therefore, align focuses on the theme of “keeping the family together” method as an approach to push the importance of good health to sustain a good family.

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