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30 minutes one-on-one consulting session with our creative director - Free!

We offer you a unique opportunity to have a session with our Creative Director to review your brand strategy and discuss several ideas for the visual identity that will be aligned with your brand/company vision. Contact us here.

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Emwear - Brand Identity, Website, Package Design, Print Design Project

"I worked with Align since Emwear was just established. They have a enthusiastic, creative and experienced team. They are a great partner for us to go with long term in the future."

- Trang Nguyen, Founder and Owner of Emwear

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Our Process
  1. One-on-one consulting session with our Creative Director. Review your brand strategy and discuss several ideas for the visual identity that will be aligned with your brand/company vision
  2. Creating 2-3 design concepts
  3. Choosing the concept that best communicates the brand’s values and message
  4. Presenting the logo proposal with examples of everyday use
  5. 1 revision of the logo design
  6. Preparing multiple color and composition variations of the logo
  7. Designing the Brand Visual Guide
Professional Logo
  • A vector graphic, blown up to any size without any loss in quality.
  • Clearly convey meaning even when scaled down to the size of a stamp or an app icon.
  • Different formats, suitable for use in a variety of media (print, digital, engraving, embroidery etc.)
  • Unique—there are no other businesses using the same graphic.
  • Usage guide and 100% copyright ownership.
Brand Visual Guide

Logo size and placement guide, color palette, fonts that reflect your unique identity.

Stationary Design

Business Card, Letterhead and Envelope

Social Media
  • 3 social media platforms of your choice
  • Profile, Cover image and/or Header image
  • Matching your brand visual identity
  • WordPress Informational Website (2-3 pages).
  • Mobile friendly
  • Optimized for fast loading times
  • Including UX/UI design for every page
  • Contact form, CMS integration, Basic SEO set-up

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