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Branding Stratery

We offer 3 different brand packages:

Basic package
Brand Strategy Report

75% client effort
25% aligns effort

Client give us details on their chosen brand position based on the research.
Once Align have and understand all the information they give us, we create a brand design strategy proposal presentation.

Middle package
Brand Positioning
Strategy Workshop

50% client effort
50% aligns effort

Client will do most of the research beforehand.
Align would do a bit of research on the competitions positioning strategies.
Put together a workshop to help them position their brand using the information they have provided.

Advanced package
Premium Brand Strategy
Development Workshop

25% client effort
75% aligns effort

This package consists of 2 workshops.
1st workshop: present findings through research and learn more about the client's industry, Target Market, and Competition
2nd workshop: Create a brand positioning workshop.

The Project Alignment Communication (PAC)

In cases where the client does not need Branding strategy, we'll do what is called a “Project Alignment Communication” (PAC) Step.

Purpose: understand the project as best as possible, then explain and communicate with the client about the design direction

The PAC step is slightly different for each project, but these are 9 major steps in PAC.

Brand Application
PAC Process
Website PAC Process
Mobile App PAC Process
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