Em Wear approach Align when we were starting out in Vietnam. We were both young startups. Trang only had some sketches of a name and a simple logo. We helped her to redesign the logo and all-together the whole brand approach. As Em Wear grew so did Align. Align design the branding, packaging, and website for Em Wear - this helped them kickoff their business and get into building their brand, business and eventually invested by Shark Tank Vietnam.

Digital Strategy
User Experience
Responsive Design
Intuitive Content Management

EmWear Comfortable & Confident
EmWear Comfortable & Confident
Packaging Design

The packaging design is one of the most important aspect as this is the materials that the customers will interact with along with the cloths they buy. It is essentially apart of the buying experience. Align worked with Em Wear to make this a soft and comforting experience. We included a written note from the founder along with soft bow with a nice purple box.

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Applications for Em Wear

Align not only designed the logo, but also the packing and print materials for Em Wear. 

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E-Commerce Site for Women's Sleepwear Company

"They're young, enthusiastic, and always willing to help and offer more value for customers when they can."

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