Spirulina is a 3.5 billion year old blue-green algae that converts greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into usable nutrition, protein, and oxygen. It is a single celled organism that grows in bodies of water that are highly alkaline, that receives direct and intense sunlight and with an average water temperature between 30 to 39 degrees celsius. Align helped Skyline spirulina to rebrand begin selling their products in Vietnam.
Packaging Designed

2 Labels


3 Sub Brands

Skyline Spirulina

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a blue-green algae offering exceptionally high protein content and a remarkably complete composition of vitamins and minerals essential for healthy living. .

Packaging Process

The logo is inspired by 6 elements: hand, heart, people, water, fire and food tray. Water and fire are indispensable factors to cook a meal. In addition, water is also one of Bizen's main products. The image of 2 hands facing upward (look like a heart as well) is supporting the drop of water (fire). The logo is similar to a person in general.

Person Thumb
Hands Thumb
Fire Thumbs


After creating the brand identity, Align help Bizen apply the brand elements in the form of business cards, letterheads, envelops, uniforms, trucks, and even lunch trays.

Skyline Spirulina OneSkyline Spirulina TwoSkyline Spirulina FourSkyline Spirulina ThreeSkyline Spirulina FiveSkyline Spirulina Six

Packaging Design

AISVN marketing team and Align knew that once parents saw the campus and how immaculate, large and expansive it is - they would schedule a visit and then be able to meet all the great teachers and staff and most likely register their child for the next school year. Align create a virtual campus tour to give parents who cannot drive to the campus to see its beauty.

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