We believe we will deliver positive results on your project for these main reasons: Experiences: We have worked with Unicef, IFC, iCare Benefits and many other nonprofit and for-profit organizations. A refine focus on result and growth for your company.

We have worked with a wide range of companies from Vietnamese startup company such as Em Wear, a personable customized sleepwear for females, medium size company like iCare Benefits, a for-profit social enterprise company, and well established names such as UNICEF, a world renowned non-profit organization.

Our core strategy to use innovative designs along with creative methods that reflect the modern day digital demands to bring values to our clients. We only truly succeed when our clients succeed from our services.


iCare Benefits


iCare Benefits is a for-profit social enterprise, providing workers in developing countries a breakthrough employee benefits program at their workplace. The program enables manufacturers, social organizations, banks and service providers to serve workers at the bottom of economic pyramid, who are making only $100-500 of income monthly, and provide them the lowest total cost of access to basic life changing products and services.

Animated Videos

iCare Benefits Healthy Living
iCare Benefits Smart Living
iCB and Li & Fung Work Safety
iCB and Intel Story of An
iCB and Intel Story of Nam
iCB and Li & Fung Fire Safety

Branding Materials




Our solution included building a brand the revolved around the Believe In ZERO movement. We connected this with the heros who might be able to help reach zero poverty, zero hunger and Zero children in need. We opted to build an app and a web platform to update the content. The focus on the project is to journey through Virtual Vietnam saving various children but also at the same time learning about other organization and ways to actually help these children in real life. The best and most important ways to help was through donating to these partners and organizations.





Align Lab helped IFC & the World Bank Group to create a series of print booklets to express the many non-profits and non-governmental companies who create major impacts in the textile and apparel industry. Align helped IFC & the World Bank Group to create a digital ebook to show the process of textile and apparel process and the many countries, company and individuals who are involved.